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The OsoSweet Harvest: Care, Handling and Quality Control in Chile
A Sweet Onion Like No Other
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A Sweet Onion Like No Other
Since 1989, OsoSweet has been dedicated to providing the highest quality sweet onions available during the winter selling season. No other sweet onion comes close.

One-Third More Sugar
OsoSweets are grown high up in the Andes Mountains of Chile, where the rich volcanic soil, warm days and cool nights help create a sweet onion with incomparable texture, flavor, and sweetness - OsoSweets average up to one -third more sugar than other "sweets."

The Cook's Favorite Sweet Onion
And, unlike other sweet onions, OsoSweets maintain their texture and shape when cooked, developing a deep, rich flavor. No wonder it's become the cook's favorite sweet onion.

Consistency You Can Count On
OsoSweets maintain the highest consistency in the sweet onion business. All growers follow the same strict protocol, which guarantees uniform quality throughout each harvest. In addition, grading standards are among the highest in the industry.


OsoSweet Product Information

Mediums: 2 1/4" to 3 1/8" Jumbos: 3 1/8" to 4 1/4"
All onions are individually labeled OsoSweet, with PLU number 4166.

All OsoSweets are shipped in a highly attractive 40 lb. classic South American wood crate with bold, stylized graphics, which adds to the aura of the product and makes them perfect for displays. The crates come 48 per pallet (new hardwood pallets) and 912 per truck. Each pallet is firmly banded together, wrapped and secured with load locks.

No other produce item is handled as well as the OsoSweet. From the time of harvest to when it reaches the customer, each step is carefully monitored in order to deliver the finest sweet onion available anywhere. Each onion is computer sorted and sized to deliver a uniform product in each box.

Port of Entry
All product is imported from Valpariso, Chile, and arrives in the Long Beach, CA, and Philadelphia, PA, ports.

Freight Service
Saven provides freight service with minimum quantity requirements.

January - March.

Storage Tips
We highly recommend storing OsoSweets at 45 degrees under low humidity conditions.

For transportation/storage questions, contact:

AAA Produce Exchange
(248) 681-9020
Fax (248) 681-9003

Exclusive Sales Agent
Battle Produce Exchange
(231) 946-9696
Fax (231) 946-1420


A Promotion Program Designed to Pull Consumers Into Your Store
No other winter sweet onion delivers the same marketing support as OsoSweets. That's one reason why PRODUCE BUSINESS honored us with their "Marketing Excellence" awards for 1997, 2004 and again in 2005 – three times in the last nine years.

An unprecedented mix of lively television, radio, magazine and newspaper advertising, with a catchy jingle that will have consumers humming all the way to the produce department.

articlesbulletThe TV Food Network
bulletThe Weather Channel
bulletThe Discovery Channel
bulletThe Home Shopping Network
bulletUSA Today
bulletCooking Light
bulletGood Housekeeping
bulletLadies Home Journal

Hundreds of newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations have already featured OsoSweet information and recipes.

And now, sweet onion lovers will find even more tasty news about OsoSweets and other sweet onions on our website - THE SWEET ONION SOURCE at Take a look around and see what's being served up.

OsoSweet Onions - Your Category Management Superstar
The charts below clearly illustrate the tremendous potential of OsoSweet onions as it relates to your total produce sales and profits.





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