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AmeriSweet - Michigan

A relatively new kid on the sweet onion block, AmeriSweets were developed to provide consumers with a fresh, sweet onion during the fall season. After ten years of research, the first AmeriSweet hybrid plant was grown in 1996.

A limited amount of AmeriSweets were available in 1998 and 1999, but the 2000 crop promises to be much bigger and in wider distribution.

Availability: September through October.

Walla Walla Sweet Onions

AmeriSweets are cultivated on 30 acres of low-sulfur soil near Grand Rapids, Michigan, by only two growers. Planting of seeds is done in greenhouses in February, with onions transplanted to fields in April.

Round and globe-like in shape, AmeriSweets are considered long-day onions because they are grown during the time of year when there is more sunlight. Compared to short-day sweet onions grown during the winter months, AmeriSweets have a thicker, deeper colored skin.

AmeriSweets are machine-harvested in early August and cured for ten days prior to packing. Approximately 95% of AmeriSweets are jumbo size (3 1/8" - 4").

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