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My Mom's Beef Kabobs With
Sweet Onions, Peppers and Mushrooms

Another great recipe that can involve kids in the kitchen. My Mom would take this camping. She would put the kabobs in the marinade the day before we hit the road, then the first evening's meal at our campsite was practically "in the bag." Of course, she'd sit all the kids down around the picnic table while the coals were heating up, hand us a pile of skewers and have us spear our meals from the platters of fresh veggies and marinated beef.

bullet042 cups bottled Italian dressing
bullet041 cup dry red wine (go for the inexpensive brands that will only cost about $5 per bottle; the most common kind of "red" that works will be called Cabernet, Zinfandel, Merlot, or Pinot Noir)
bullet041/2 cup soy sauce
bullet043 pounds of top sirloin, cut into 1- to 1-1/2 inch chunks
bullet041/4 pound fresh mushrooms, halved
bullet041 red bell pepper (seeded and cut into 1-inch chunks)
bullet041 green bell pepper (seeded and cut into 1-inch chunks)
bullet041 yellow bell pepper (seeded and cut into 1-inch chunks)
bullet041 sweet onionbamboo skewers

Combine the dressing, wine and soy sauce in a container. Place the meat in a resealable plastic bag (or a glass or plastic container with tight fitting lid). Place the mushrooms in a similar container.

Give the marinade a good stir right before pouring it over the meat and mushrooms; otherwise you'll only get the top layer of oil, which separates from the other liquids the instant you turn your back. Pour enough of the marinade over the meat so that all of the chunks will be covered. Pour the remainder of the marinade over the mushrooms.

That's pretty much it for the moment. Stick these packets of meat and mushrooms in your refrigerator. They can stay there for as little as 6 hours, or for as long as 24. So this is definitely a recipe you can prepare before going to work, knowing that it will be ready to go when you return.

About 40 minutes before you're ready to eat, gather the kids or all of your friends around a table - hey, this is a messy job, you might as well share the misery - and begin skewering meat and veggies onto the bamboo sticks. Snuggle the chunks right up against each other so that the meat gets nicely flavored during cooking from the neighboring vegetables, and visa-versa. But don't smash them so close that the sides can't get browned a bit from the coals.

While you are skewering the meat, the coals can be heating up.

Once all of the meat has been skewered and the coals are relatively hot (meaning they have a light coating of ash on them, and are no longer flaming), place the skewers on the grill. Cook, turning the skewers several times so all sides can brown, until the meat is cooked to the desired degree of doneness.

To serve, remove the skewers to a large platter (Remember, use a fresh platter or thoroughly wash the one that came in contact with the raw meat.) and pass it around. No need to remove the food from the skewers. That's something that diners can do for themselves.

This amount of meat, veggies and marinade will serve 6 average appetites.

© 2001 Jan Roberts-Dominguez

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