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Lesson 1: Dicing an Onion

Step 1

Start with a sharp knife and a large, firm onion for ease of cutting. Gripping the onion and with fingertips curved, slice in half from the root end straight through to the top end. 

Step 2

Split the onion in two equal halves, leaving the root ends attached.

Step 3

Peel back the onion skin, discarding the skin. Place onion halves onto the cutting board with flat sides down. Slice off about 1-inch from the top end of the onion, discarding or saving as desired.

Step 4

Grip an onion half firmly, curving the fingertips away from the knife for safety. Slice evenly in parallel cuts from one side of the onion across to the other. Thinner cuts will result in smaller dice; thicker cuts for larger dice.

Step 5

Move your fingers out of the way and grip the onion at the root end. Make a parallel cut, slightly angled down toward the cutting board.

Step 6

Make a second parallel slice above the first one and also slightly angled toward the cutting board (and away from your fingers).

Step 6

Gripping the onion and keeping your fingers curved away from the knife, slice across the onion in parallel cuts. When the onion becomes unwieldy to grip, turn the remaining portion face down on the board and continue cutting.

Step 6

Repeat for the second onion half, chopping the onions from the last few cuts to make even dice. If you’d like, freeze any onion trimmings, including the brown skin (which will add color) to add to your next stock pot.

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