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Lesson 2: Cutting Onion Wedges for Grilling or Roasting

Step 1

Follow steps 1, 2 and 3 in Dicing an Onion. Then carefully trim away just the dark hairy rootlets that extend beyond the base of the onion. 

Step 2

The trimmed onion should look like this, with the root ends exposed but still intact. (The root ends hold all the layers of the onion together.)

Step 3

Turn an onion half so that the root end is up. Cut evenly sized wedges, between one-third and one-sixth of the half, depending on the size desired, making sure to include a portion of the root in each wedge.

Step 4

Continue cutting wedges, making sure that a portion of the root is included in each wedge to keep the wedges from breaking apart. (Note that inevitablely some of the layers will separate. Use any loose layers for another dish.)

Step 5

The finished wedges will look like this. Now toss the wedges gently, so as not to break them up, with seasonings such as chopped herbs, garlic, salt and pepper and olive or other oil before roasting or grilling.

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